Where are the cast of Friends? A recount of one of the famous American comedy show

Today we will talk about one of the most favorite American TV shows friends. The series was watched by millions of Americans and all around the globe also. It was a comedy drama show that is captured millions of Hearts. The show started from September 22 1994 to May 6 2004. It lasted 10 seasons and people still want more. Since so many people miss this show, I have decided to write this article about the cast and what they are up to now.

Story overview:

The story revolve around a group of friends and depicts their lives adventures and sorrows. The main characters of the show a Rachel Green, Monica Geller, Joey Tribbiani, Santa Bing, Ross Geller and Phoebe Buffay.

It starts when Rachel Green fleas from her wedding and visits her childhood friend Monica. There she met rest of the four characters and soon became good friends. All six of them hangout and have adventures together.

The show has received many recognitions. It has won the outstanding comedy series award in 2002. Friends was also nominated for the primetime Emmy awards. It has made into most watched list of many magazines also.

When the series finale was aired 52.5 million people watched the last episode. This made it the most watched series finale in the history of television. So let’s check what the famous characters are doing these days.

friends cast

Friend’s cast:

So in this section we will take a look at what the 6 friends are doing right now.

Monica Geller: Courteney Cox who played this role has been busy in her career ever since this series ended. She is started starring in another series which lasted for 6 years. The series was Cougar Town and it aired from 2009 to 2015.

Cox not only acted in this series she also directed sum of its episode. In 2015 she finally released her first feature film Just Before I Go. In her personal life she has a daughter with David Arquette but unfortunately they are divorced.

Phoebe Buffay: The paleontologist was played by Lisa Kudrow and she has acted in many movies after the series. She also performs on stage with Taylor Swift. Some of the movies are Web Therapy, The Girl on Train and The Comeback.

In real life hero is married to Michel Stern. The couple  also have a son together. We all loved her role in the show and we wish to see more of her movies soon.

Chandler Bing: The actor has been playing some serious roles in Hollywood movies. Eventually she started doing TV shows again with the good wife go on and the odd couple. See also helps people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Ross Geller: The actor David Schwimmer has recently played a role of late defence attorney Robert Kardashian in the first season of American crime story. He is married to British artist Zoe Buckman and they have a daughter also.

Joey Tribbiani: After the show ended in 2004, Matt Leblanc started starring in Joey the series that succeeded friends. The actor won Golden Globe award in 2012 for his role in divorce from wife Melissa.

Rachel Green: Green was played by Jennifer Aniston. She has done many movies ever since and known for her role in Horrible Bosses and Cake. She is married to Justin Theroux.

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