Kevin Rankin Talks About Friday Night Lights

You probably know Kevin Rankin from his role as Herc on the series Friday Night Lights but starting tonight, he’ll be on the other side of the wheelchair when he takes on the role of a paramedic in the new NBC series Trauma.

Kevin joined me on the phone last week to talk about both his past glories and his future on TV.

Cyn: I always look forward to some performances on Friday Night Lights; actually where I must know you are work. Could just tell me a little bit about that experience?

Kevin: First of all, the heavens opened up and sent me that personality. I understand that they read quadriplegics from across the nation and I’d seen the documentary Murder Ball. I knew what they wanted and I would shake my head, moved in, read the full character character, you realize the character was not initially southern, so I gave him a accent and gave him lots of bravado and obtained called two weeks later and I had been on a plane to Austin, Texas.

They put me right into rehabilitation, immediately after I got there, and that I stayed in a handicap hotel room. I lived the lifetime for the month I was there and also sort of moved out to Sixth Street, there in Austin , in a wheelchair with quads also and it was an unbelievable experience. The character was supposed to be in around three episodes but they kept encouraging me back and just sort of, took on a life of its own and I could not be more happy . I mean, as far as I am concerned at this time, it gave me a career.

When he takes to the function of a paramedic in the new NBC series Trauma, you likely know Kevin Rankin out of his function as Herc he will be on the opposing side of the wheelchair.

Cyn: I know the handicapped community actually appreciated the operation.

It was very uncommon for what we’re used to watching on tv. Kevin: Certainly. Of course, simply being with a number of the real quads, I was able to take on some characteristics. However, my primary aim was to play Herc at a manner to where you might have noticed him roll in, in that chair, but very fast did you forget he had been in that seat. You know, really you, could imagine him, he walked in and sat down; he did not roll into here.

That was really essential to portray it that way, to demonstrate that one thing about this guy, that he can’t walk. And that was important to us, and now I can’t tell you just how happy it makes me that we had been received the way.

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