Dallas Cowboy Players who can change the game for their team this season.

This year’s NFL schedule is already out. People are already excited about this year’s game. On top of everything, ESPN has released a list of 99 players who can shape the NFL 2017. Sun seems to shinning brighter of Dallas Cowboys’ side. This is because they have named several players from this team in their list.  I will talk about the top players of cowboys for whom you need to watch out this season.

With the recent arrest of Nolan Carroll for violation, the team has started to face some heat. However, the 5 times super bowl winning team is not easy to break with a little upset. So let’s first take a look at the players who must put a good show to remain in the team.


Players who need to prove their worth:

An injury is very common in the game. However, some injuries end a player’s career for good. Here we will name some valuable players who have suffered setbacks and need to prove themselves in the upcoming NFL 2017.

Dak Prescott – The cowboys made a major change in their organization by choosing Prescott as their new quarterback. Everyone has their eye set on this rookie and hence it seems to be a tough time for him. If he does not prove himself his career might be in jeopardy.

dak prescott

Jaylon Smith – Smith will be returning to this season from his knee injury. People expected a long time for recovery from his grave injury. However he will be playing in this season with the help of braces.

James Hanna – He was a valuable player in the team’s offence but has been suffering from injury. He has to show to the team that he can come back and be a valuable player again. A lot is riding in this season for his career.

DeMarcus Lawrence: This might be lawrence’s last season with the cowboys. He was drafted to cowboys in 2014 but has missed several games since then. With other players emerging he might not get further contract. So hope this year he can turn the tide.

Key Players of Cowboys:

Here are some names from which fans and experts are expecting a outstanding performance. ESPN has named them in their list of game changers.

Ezekiel Elliott – Elliot is a top notch performer for the team. He finished the last season with 15 TD and 1631 yards. He believes that he still needs to make some improvement in his games. This year’s NFL will be a good opportunity for him.

Dak Prescott – The new rookie quarterback for the cowboy has everyone’s attention. I have mentioned him above in the players who have the most to prove. Prescott has excellent record and a great rookie season.

He started as a fourth round compensatory pick up for the team and now a star quarterback for the DC. He packs a completion percentage of 67.8 with 3667 passing yards. Dark has the highest passer rating in the history of rookies. Will he shape the NFL this year? We will know that pretty soon.

Watch the full list of ESPN list here. They got the cultural changer, offensive MVP race, defensive MVP race and many others. Get more updates on NFL and TV shows on this blog. Share this article if you like. Feel free to share your thoughts on the game in the comment box below.


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