Connie Britton to Appear in One Minute Film on Personal Responsibility

Liberty and NBC Mutual, the largest property and casualty Insurance Company from the U.S., recently asked a number of the community’s celebrities to answer the query -“Exactly what exactly does personal responsibility mean to you?” Their replies will be shared by means of a string of one-minute movie shorts and vignettes which will air during NBC’s
primetime programming in Monday, October 12 through Friday, October 16.  Participating celebrities from the popular NBC primetime lineup comprise Anthony Anderson (“Law & Order”), Connie Britton (“Friday Night Lights”), Zachary Levi (“Chuck”), Emmy nominee Jack McBrayer (“30 Rock”) and Milo Ventimiglia (“Heroes”) who every led among the five movie shorts which address private responsibility as well as the decisions that face people hoping to “do the ideal

Liberty Mutual, that will be sponsoring the vignettes as part of its Responsibility Project, an initiative focused on sparking discussions about that the significance of personal responsibility utilizing distinctive and enjoyable content.

Conversation on this issue of personal liability, that has distinct significance for every single individual,” explained Paul Alexander, senior vice president, communications, Liberty Mutual Group. “We’re excited that cooperating with NBC
about the one-minute movie short series makes it possible for us to bring yet another dimension to the Responsibility Project, and thrilled to participate in bringing to life a number of now’s most well-known celebrities’ creative interpretation of the idea.

Liberty Mutual made the Responsibility Project as a catalyst to get a bigger The film show is the result of a cooperation between NBC Accessible following their introduction at and The minute-long film shorts Each will focus on the subject of private Responsibility and will broadcast throughout the NBC reveals: “Heroes,” “The Biggest Loser,” “The Jay Leno Show,” “30 Rock” and “Law & Order.”

Director Air Date Show
Milo Ventimiglia Monday, 10/12 During Heroes
Zachary Levi Tuesday, 10/13 During The Biggest Loser
Connie Britton Wednesday, 10/14 During Jay Leno
Jack McBrayer Thursday, 10/15 Premiere of 30 Rock
Anthony Anderson Friday, 10/16 During Law and Order

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