Blanco Texas High School Band Stars in “Friday Night Lights”

It isn’t everyday that Hollywood calls. Not seeking a small high school group for an emergency shoot to get a nationally syndicated television show. But that’s just what happened last Thursday for its Blanco High School band. Friday Night Lights is a television adaptation of film and a novel of the exact same name. The book, written by HG ‘Buzz’ Bissinger, particulars the 1988 season of the Permian Panthers, a high school football team. The publication is assumed to be totally factual and had been written as a piece of humor.

The Universal Pictures film stars Billy Bob Thornton as the coach. The film is based on real-life inhabitants of Odessa. Band Director David Shirk said the cast and crew began dancing, as soon as the Blanco band marched to the cadence that they enter the scene by about Friday nights.

The band will debut in November, sometime in this season’s next episode. NBC broadcasts the series on DirectTV channel 101. Before the night ended, the group had to play “Hey You” and “Land of a Thousand Dances”. They were advised not to tune their instrument; to make them sound more. The director said that they did an outstanding job. The series is based in fictional Dillon, Texas, and they’re that the Panthers. The show focuses on the trials of living in Middle America, and has won a Peabody Award, an Emmy Award and a Television Critics Award.

The band director, David Shirk, received the call from a casting agency asking that the band arrived to celebrity as the band for a brand new episode.

The band members were fed up and then wardrobe outfitted the band members each with a San Marcos Rattler ring shirt, and they had been sent to their initial spots. They had been instructed to walk slowly to the stands because the team. They must watch the procedure for filming a TV display, once seated. Nearly all the celebrities were not stars, but individuals. The soccer players were all 1A players.

The Blanco Panther Band posed because the San Marcos Rattlers on Friday night at San Marcos for the filming of ‘Friday Night Lights’. The group will star this year on the NBC program.

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